Waxing is an effective semi-permanent hair removal and most people will be hair free for 2-6 weeks depending on each individual's hair growth pattern and recent hair removal techniques. Some people find the waxing process slightly painful but you can be assured I am highly trained in making sure your waxing treatment is swift and as painless as possible. I understand during some waxing treatments such as intimate waxing you may feel a little exposed but I'll do everything possible to make you feel comfortable.

Take a look at the pre and post waxing guidelines at the bottom of the page to ensure you get the best waxing results.

Standard Bikini Wax£18.00
G String Bikini Wax£25.00
Brazilian Wax£38.00
Hollywood Wax£38.00
High Bikini Wax£21.00
Full Leg Wax£28.00
Three Quarter Leg Wax£25.00
Half Leg Wax£23.00
Underarm or Forearm Wax£13.00
Full Arm Wax£23.00
Top Lip & Chin Wax£20.00
Eyebrow Tidy,Lip Wax, & Chin Wax£32

Pre-Waxing Advice:

  • I don't expect you to get out a ruler but the ideal length for a  hair to be waxed is 5-10mm.  If you’re usually a shaver, plucker or hair removal cream user allow at least 3 weeks growth before your waxing treatment.
  • If possible take a quick, warm shower as close to your treatment as possible.  Not only to ensure you’re beautifully fresh and comfortable but to allow your skin's pores to open and those hairs to slip out a little easier.
  • Exfoliate the areas to be waxed 24 hours before
  • Don't use sun beds, saunas, steam rooms or sit in the sun for 48 hours prior to your waxing treatment.
  • Avoid any moisturiser on the day of your treatment.


Post Waxing Aftercare (24 – 48 hours):

  • Immediately avoid touching the waxed area (and spicy foods after a lip wax).
  • Don’t use any perfumed products or makeup on the waxed area.
  • Avoid any activities that may work up a sweat!
  • Don’t have a bath, hot shower or use a sauna, steam room or swimming pools.
  • Protect the area from sunlight.
  • Avoid wearing tight fitting clothes.
  • Applying an soothing/antiseptic cream may reduce the risk of any infection, inflammation and may speed up the healing process and reduce redness.