Gel Polish for the Fingers

Gel Polish Fingers - 60mins
This includes a cut/file and shape of the natural nail, cuticle work, nail buff, with a soak off structure/builder gel and of one colour of your choice.

This price also includes removal of my own Gel Polish work with re-application within 2-3 weeks, after this removal is £15
Gelish Glitter/Art/ French Gel Polish Manicure - 1hr 30mins
This treatment includes all the above with simple nail art designs. Including french/white polish tip, loose glitter, flakes, pigments, stickers, stamps and other art.
If you have an idea in mind please let me know in advance so I can ensure the design is possible and I have the products/tools required.

This price also includes removal of my own Gel Polish work with re-application within 4-6 weeks, after this removal is £15
from £38.00

Gel Polish Removal

Gel Polish Removal
Please note I only remove my own work. I will not remove home treatments or another nail techs work.



  • Although completely dry before you leave the salon, Gel Polish is still effectively setting for the first 24 -48 hours.  Please take extra care during this time.  This includes avoiding swimming pools, saunas, steam rooms, washing and bathing.
  • Wear gloves when gardening, cleaning or washing up.  Chemicals and excess water may cause lifting, chipping and fading/discolouration – smoking may also cause this.
  • Use Cuticle Oil at least once a day to prevent your nails from splitting, breaking and peeling. Hand creams containing lanolin may cause your Gel Polish to chip or peel.
  • Do not pick/peel your Gel Polish! You will cause damage and weaken your natural nail. Always return for a Gel Polish Removal treatment or purchase a Removal kit in the salon.
  • Tanning lotions, other beauty products and hair dye will discolour your Gel Polish so remember to wear gloves and wash your hands after.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after applying creams (including sun protection) to the face and body.  The ingredients Deet found insect repellent and Lanolin may cause lifting so also wash your hands after applying these too.
  • Be careful when opening car doors and ring pulls on cans.
  • On the rare occasion a nail may get damaged, chip or lift, book in for a repair immediately to avoid more damage and potential bacteria growing on the nail plate.
  • Always remember to book your next appointment before leaving the salon as you may not be able to get a last minute one. Complimentary removal is included with reapplication within 2-3 weeks, after this it is £15
  • Treat your nails like jewels, not tools!